TV installation or mounting TV on the wall can be an easy task for some. But for most people, doing it on your own can take so much time and effort. And let’s not forget about the risk. If you are not an expert in TV installation, you might end up having a broken wall mount or worse, broken TV. Thus, we recommend that you let the professional do their job.

However, just in case you want to learn how to do it properly, we will provide a number of tips for you.


Look where you want to position your TV

First of all, you have to decide where you are going to install your TV. Remember, these are TV wall mounts and it will require drilling. You have to make sure that you will mount it in a specific spot where you can get the best picture quality. Otherwise, you will have to move your TV and will leave unnecessary holes on your wall.


Mark for the holes

When you want to install your TV or to mount it, it would be a great challenge to do it on your own. You need a partner to hold the mount onto the wall so you can mark where you need to drill the holes.


Attach the mounting bracket

You can now drill and mount the TV bracket onto the wall. After this, you can already mount the plate to your TV.


It’s time to mount your TV to your wall

Again, with a partner or an assistant, you can already install your TV to your wall. Have a final check if everything is in place. Once you are done, you can already enjoy your favorite TV shows and series.


Cable Management

When you install your TV on the wall, that means there will be cables hanging and truth be told, it is not pleasing to the eyes. It looks disorganized and dirty. So what do you have to do?


Tie it

The first option is that you tie the cables together. Not doing so can cause accidents and you wouldn’t want that risk, especially for the young kids.


Hide them

You can also hide the cables behind some of your shelves and other decorations.


Get a cover

In addition, there are cable concealers available in the market. These can match your walls and are perfect if you want to hide your cables.


Why do you need an expert for TV installation?

Again, even with the tips we provided above, we would still encourage that you look for a professional to mount your TV. Here are some of our reasons.


Different walls have different approaches

If you must know, different walls will require different tools. If you are not fully knowledgeable or even fully equipped with the right tools, you might not be able to successfully mount your TV. It will take an expert to know which screws will work best for your walls.


You might damage your TV wall bracket – say goodbye to warranty

Now is not the right time to experiment. When you damage your TV wall mount, it can actually cost you your warranty. Believe us, hiring a professional to do it outweighs the additional cost.